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Monday, June 15, 2009

Subway Day: Nyugati

The subway entrance at Nyugati is rather ugly...
A metró bejárata a Nyugatinál elég csúnya...

Old man playing his violin
Öregember hegedül

Funny enough: the board above the doors is a drivers school ad :-)
Vicces: az ajtó fölötti tábla egy autósiskola reklámja :-)

The old violonist

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Peter Fristedt said...

It may be ugly, but I'm sure it's functional. Looks more like an entrance to a shopping mall to me. Happy subway day!

Per Stromsjo said...

Good to have you on board, Andrea. Was he a good violin player?

Andrea Gerak said...

Yes Peter, functional to some degree. Except that the ticket box is too close to the entrance, so when the line is long, that creates a barrier one has to go around. And often, there are flyer distributors standing right at the doors, slowing down the traffic.

Per: uhmmm... I rather don't say anything about that.

Mo said...

I like the busker playing the violin in the corner

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