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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Millenáris by Night

I spend some time this weekend at Millenáris a big cultural centre in Budapest. It was re-designed from an old industrial area and is one of the most popular venues for concerts, exhibitions and such.
Ezen a hétvégén némi időt a Millenárison töltök, Budapest nagy kulturális központjában. Egy régi ipari létesítményből alakították át, és ez az egyik legnépszerűbb hely koncerteknek, kiállításoknak és hasonlóknak.

Millenáris by night 3

Millenáris by night 1

Millenáris by night 2

These days it's the Budapest Fringe Festival, where I'm gonna perform by the way, tonight at 20:10 (Teátrum Hajó, 2nd floor), if you happen to be around, come by.
Ezekben a napokban zajlik a Budapest Fringe Fesztivál, ahol mellesleg én is fellépek ma este 20:10-kor (Teátrum Hajó, 2. em), gyere el, ha arra jársz!

Millenáris by night 4


raindrop said...

Have you already performed in Portugal? If, by any chance, you come at portugal, please inform me so that I can see you performing

claude said...

Very beautiful Andrea ! In a couple of wee I meet Raindrop in Paris !

GMG said...

Come on Andrea, it's not fair; you only advise just on day of the event... ;)
Where is this Milenáris? Didn't hear about it. Recent?
It seems your Portuguese fan club is increasing!
Have a great weekend. XOXO

Andrea Gerak said...

Hello everybody!

Raindrop, yes, I performed in Portugal, about 20 years ago with a dance group - enjoyed it a lot! I would love to go back!

Claude, have a nice time in Paris, that's also a wonderful place!

Gil, the Millenáris is in Buda, few minutes walk from Moszkva tér. I linked a map now in the post. Not too recent, a few years old institute.

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