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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Almássy utca

Almássy utca (street) leads to Almássy tér (square) in district 7, where there was a famous cultural centre with a lot of concerts, since God knows how long. I used to go there every Friday, 20 years ago... and later, I took my little baby to the swimming pool.

Unfortunately, they sold the building and closed the place down :-(((

Anyway, in December, I went there to see some bands and on the way home, I enjoyed the mood of the environ.

Almássy utca


claude said...

Interesting and nice picture, Andrea ! I hope you feel fine.

raindrop said...

I like the colors of this picture. Wonderful!!

Per Stromsjo said...

This is a very likable photo, Andrea.

GMG said...

Hi Andrea, I wonder how was it possible that I missed these pictures. The little princess looks great against the background of Gellert Hill; the guy at Margaret Island is amazing and this last from Almássy is absolutely stunning!
Now I may get back to my posts of the Greek Isles, after enjoying this treat!
Have a great week (and a great Easter)!
Gil Blogtrotter

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