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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lamp by Henrik Fazola

On my recent trip to Hungary, I was running to a lot to different offices, for doing a lot of paperwork. Well, this is not something you would like to do on your holiday, but...
Mostani magyarországi látogatásom során rengeteg papírdolog után rohangáltam. Nos, ez nem olyasmi, amit az ember szívesen csinál a vakációja során, de...

This way I had the opportunity to go into buildings otherwise I would never see.
Így megvolt arra is a lehetőségem, hogy olyan épületekben járjak, amiket máskülönben nem látnék.

For example this one:
Például ez:


And this wrought iron lamp from the 18th century was made by Henrik Fazola
Ezt a XVIII. századi kovácsoltvas lámpát Fazola Henrik készítette.

Lamp by Henrik Fazola


GMG said...

So, you were enjoying the heat in Budapest! How was it?
Great pictures of stunning buildings!

Andrea Gerak said...

Hi Gil, yes, it was very hot... But I had so much to do that I didn't have time to bother with that :-) And in these kind of buildings it was OK.

claude said...

What a beautiful lamp ! It is superb !

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