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Saturday, December 15, 2007

On the Broadway

Of course as now I am in wonderful Budapest, I take many pictures but it's very rare that I have time to deal with them on the computer: performances, seeing people, a lot to do.
Természetesen most, hogy Budapesten vagyok, sok képet készítek, de igen ritka, hogy a gépen tudok velük foglalkozni: fellépések, találkozók, rengeteg tennivaló.

Budapest also has a Broadway with theaters and cafes, the Nagymező utca.
Budapestnek szintén van egy Broadway-e, a Nagymező utca, színházakkal, bárokkal.

Budapest Broadway by night

Budapest by night 1


Per Stromsjo said...

Take care, Andrea. Happy Subway Day from Stockholm!

claude said...

Hello Andrea ! I hope tou are fine. Very beautiful lights for Christmas in Budapest. Will you show the same in Stockholm ?

Andrea Gerak said...

Hello, thanks for visiting!

Claude, I don't think I will have Christmas Stockholm pictures, I stay here in Budapest till the middle of January.

claude said...

Have a good time in Budapest. MERRY CHRITSMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, Andrea !

GMG said...

Hi Andrea,
Since you are in Budapest, I've a small X-mas gift for you at Blogtrotter
I wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2008 - with some time for blogging also... ;))

GMG said...

Hey, hey... I've never seen Budapest this way. My way of Pest is at Blogtrotter for you to see!
Have a great weekend!

Andrea Gerak said...

Oh, thanks for the good wishes, I haven't been here for 2 months...

I hope you are all doing fine and 2008 found you in health and happiness!

Gil, that was a nice surprise in your blog :-)

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