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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Astoria by night

Back to my blogs, after a nice trip to Florida.
Vissza a blogjaimba, egy szép floridai út után.

On New York City Daily Photo and Stockholm by Pixels mid-month theme is subway.
A New York City Daily Photo-n és a Stockholm by Pixels blogon a hónap közepének témája: metró.

I don't have a map photo of the Budapest subway, but I thought this scene was funny with all these trashbins. Astoria station.
Nincs fotóm a budapesti metró térképéről, de úgy gondoltam, ez egy vicces látvány a szemetesekkel. Astoria.

Astoria subway station at night, Budapest


Per Stromsjo said...

Thanks for celebrating with us, Andrea! :)

I agree that the trashbin-collection is rather fun. Just added it to my "plenty of subways" collection which can be found on our sidekick blog plenty.

Andrea Gerak said...

Tack Per!

Peter F said...

When I look at the photo I get the feeling that the clock is one minute before opening time. At the hour they will open the orange gate and the commuters will take the scene. Happy subwaying!

Andrea Gerak said...

Hej Peter, tack för visiting!

I forgot to write that the picture was taken after closing hours... But I think it would look the same before opening :-)

GMG said...

After Hours, yummm!

Per Stromsjo said...

Have you got more Budapest subway photos Andrea? Would be great if you took part in another subway day. Let us know.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I like that it's empty. I'm sure the place looks much different when there are a lot of people and different activities are going on.


Ming the Merciless said...

I used to live in Astoria, a Greek neighborhood in NYC. :-)

The subway station there is definitely not as beautiful as the one you are showing in Budapest.

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