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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Deák tér by night

Same day, a little bit later, at Deak square
Egy kicsit kesobb, meg mindig ugyanaz a nap, Deák tér.

I took this picture from the front of the yellow building with tower that you could see in the previous post.
Ezt a kepet az elozo bejegyzesben lathato, sarga tornyos epulet elol keszitettem.

Deák tér by night. Photo: Andrea Gerak


GMG said...

Love this one too! The colours of the sky and the clouds is great...
Nice to see you back posting!

claude said...

Beautiful ! I like pink clouds in blue sky and the rest black with just enough light to show the cars in the street.

Andrea Gerak said...

HI, thanks!
Yes, it was a very nice moment.

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