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Friday, November 03, 2006

October, 2006 - 1.

Big days in Budapest: 50th anniversary of the 1956 revolution that started on the 23rd. My country is not calm today, there were even riots on the national holiday.

I am living in Stockholm and when my friends heard that I would have a trip to Hungary, they warned me and some of them showed a little worrying.

I arrived to Budapest on the 25th, Wednesday and spent 2 more days there, also another day at the beginning of next week. Really had a wonderful time! Beautiful weather (25 Celsius, I was walking around in sandals and sleeveless tops), beautiful city as always. It wasn't more insecure than any other times: the media only wrote about the few hundreds or maybe thousands of people who were demonstrating a couple of times and some of them engaged in vandalism and fights with the police for a few hours - but in the newspapers, did you read about the rest of the 10 million Hungarians who went to work and school and lived their normal lives? Those were the ones I could see when I went in a shop, took a tram or just walked in the streets.

Here's the first pictures of what I saw.

Started out at the Ferenciek tere, downtown

1 comment:

Tijana said...

Hey Andrea,

Beautiful pictures of Budapest. Together with the music and the comments, your page is Hungary in a nutshell -- nicely done!

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